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Hear Ye Hear Ye! T-Coil Launches March 25!

Walterdale Theatre launches a new system for the hard of hearing! Have You Heard? Walterdale Theatre becomes the first live theatre in Canada to install a T-Coil loop system for the hard of hearing! The hard of hearing are the largest disability group in Canada. It is a hidden disability that has many causes and each hearing loss is unique to the individual. One out of ten Canadians has a hearing loss, including six out of 1000 children. Of these six, nine of ten are born to hearing parents. In some countries such as England, it is legislated that new public spaces such as auditoriums, banks, airports and churches install a hearing assisted system. No legislation exists in Canada and the hard of hearing often opt out of certain situations and participation in events because they know they will not be able to hear clearly. Entertainment events like theatre should be something that all people can enjoy and participate in; it is a shame to exclude so many, when solutions are available. Over the past few years, Walterdale Theatre began looking at ways to improve it’s theatre for people with disabilities. It was a challenge, given that their theatre is in the historic Old Strathcona Firehall on 103 Street and 83 Ave. (more…)

Of GREAT Importance – Set Designer/Lighting Designer Needed!

Walterdale Theatre is currently looking for a Set Designer and a Lighting Designer for our upcoming production of A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE. The show goes up on July 2 and runs until July 12. For more information, contact Curtis Labelle at moni72015@gmail.com

From Cradle to Stage – Crew Needed!

We're looking for the following positions for our 2015 edition of FROM CRADLE TO STAGE: For Jesus Master Builder - Production Manager, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Costume Designer. For Magpies - Stage Manager For more information, contact walterph@telus.net
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