Current Show – Starless

Starless is a new work by local Edmontonian Eric Rice and is presented by Walterdale's Cradle To Stage workshop!

Dramaturg:  Tracy Carroll

Directed by Marsha Amanova. On Stage: May 12th - 17th, 2014

"The point about homelessness is not that it is unique or extraordinary. The homeless could be any one of us and they could have been anything before they became homeless: a doctor, and artist, or an entrepreneur. Starless is a play about losing your way in a world where everything is pre-determined and structured for you, even meaning, even the stars. Ralph has lost his love, Mary, and through his search for her, and his vain attempt to hang on to Mary as the one true thing that has value in a structureless world, we learn a little bit about him, about the homeless, and about ourselves."

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